The consultants at AGC Advisory are adeptly trained in all areas of taxation, business and finance. 


You have to know accounting. It’s the language of practical business life. It was a very useful thing to deliver to civilization.” – Charlie Munger

As a Strategic Finance Executive, Cory has built a career providing business analysis, financial planning expertise, and corporate development acumen to companies seeking actionable insight on creating successful business plans for change management and growth.

Cory's is the Director of AGC, a CPA Public Practice founded in 2003. Cory helps senior management analyze financial status to initiate positive changes in products, customer interactions, and cost/business structure that improve operational efficiency and financial growth. 

Since starting AGC Advisory, Cory and his team work with business owners, executives, high net worth individuals, local subsidiaries of foreign companies and businesses with international dealings in various industries and ensure that they meet their compliance obligations in the most efficient way possible.


Through AGC, Cory provides tax advice to clients on company transactions, trust matters, tax structuring, Div7A, and other direct and indirect tax such as income tax, FBT, GST, CGT and international tax.

The highly qualified and practiced AGC team endeavor to get behind the numbers for their clients to ensure they have the right business advice for their business affairs and also help with management reporting, business forecasting, succession planning, finance strategy, business sale, and mergers & acquisition activities just to help them achieve their set goals. 

Do feel free to connect with Cory and his team today, email to discuss how I can be of help to you with my skills and experience.


"Glad to have Cory and AGC by my side every year. I've been with them every year since 2009.

Jonathan Smith, Lawyer