What you need to know about deductions

When working out what business deductions to claim this tax time, it's important to remember the three golden rules:

1. The money must have been spent for your business – not a private expense. Most business expenses are deductible but you can't claim a deduction for private expenses, such as child care fees and clothes for your family.

2. If it's a mix of business and private use, only claim the portion related to your business.

For example, if you bought a computer for your business and your kids use it to do their homework, that's a private use. You will need to work out how much of the computer use was for your business and only claim a deduction on that portion of the computer's cost.

3. You must have a record to prove your expense

Before you can claim a business deduction for an expense, you must:

have a paper or electronic record of the expense, for example, bank statements or receipts be able to demonstrate how you calculated your claim – including working out the business portion of the expense.

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Article: Adapted from ATO Small Business Newsroom

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