Help your accountant to help you

Accountants are essentially paid for their skills, time, and the value they add to your business.

The more organised you are, the less time it takes the accountant to get the work done. More importantly, it also means they can spend more time looking for opportunities to improve your business and fast track its growth.

One of the biggest inefficiencies is when an accountant must revisit a job multiple times because they cannot get the information from clients to complete it. Another is when business owners only tell half of the story at the start (most of the time unintentionally), meaning the accountant must make changes and rework the project later.

Here are a few suggestions for creating more efficiency in order to get the most out of your accountant – and lower your fees in the process:

  • A good accountant will send you a checklist before starting your work; give them all the documents quickly and in one go.

  • Answer queries from your accountant as soon as you can or point them in the direction of the best person to get the information they need.

  • Take action in a timely manner and implement the solutions agreed with your accountant to save the need for follow-ups.

  • Seek input from your accountant about how to improve your housekeeping to make their lives easier.

AGC Advisory always endeavour to insure your success. Whatever the stage of your business is at, we can provide key strategies and advice in terms of business structure; due diligence; purchase or sale business and cash flow management.

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